Red Ribbon Week

It's that time again....Red Ribbon Week. Look. I have a love/hate relationship with that week. First of all...I am ALL ABOUT what it promotes. Seriously. Love it. I hate drugs. Despise them. I am proud to say I have NEVER tried a drug. Ever. I don't understand why someone would even try it. The thought of my sweet kinders ever getting involved with that stuff scares me to death. And since we (as in our tri-state) is like the meth capital OF THE WORLD....I have every right to be concerned. I love that the kiddos get a chance to celebrate being drug free. I love that we discuss what drugs can do to their life. My hate part....the HYPE that comes with it. As if Halloween doesn't make those kiddos CRAY CRAY enough...we add in dress up days for a week before. Whew Wee! Let me tell ya. It's enough to throw me off the deep end. But hey! It's not all about me, is it? Our school guidance counselor does a wonderful job with Red Ribbon Week. Here are our themes this year:

I may or may not have gone to Wal-Mart tonight to stock up on goods for the week. I'll share pictures of my team in our outfits from the week later. What do you have planned?


  1. Like you I love and hate the Red Ribbon Week. The message is so important but I feel it's not appropriate for Kindergarten. It gives our babies new information and vocabulary they shouldn't even be discussing. I do feel the program is vital and important for older children.

  2. Random, just found and now followed your awesome blog! I just wanted to give you a shout out since I was a Theta as well and am now a kindergarten teacher :)