Pumpkin Fun

We had  much fun on Friday. We blew all routines out the water and had a day full of PUMPKIN FUN! Literally...no math centers and no literacy centers. These kiddos work so hard everyday that they deserve some off the wall fun (while I sneak in some learning!)

We have been discussing how a pumpkin grows all week with pictures and books. Today it was the REAL deal. We pass around pumpkin seeds (and ate some) as well as a pumpkin vine with yellow flower! They loved it!

I love this picture of him looking into the flower!

Then my assistant cut it open and we explored the inside!

Eek! They loved it!

We did a lot of fun pumpkin activities from Deanna Jump's Pumpkin Patch Palooza unit.
They loved her little reader.

I enjoyed the assessment with this activity of the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Each student brought in their own small pumpkin and explored the pumpkin. They measured the circumference and height, counted the lines, predicted if it would sink or float.....LOVED!

This is a little activity that I have been doing for years. I save it for their scrapbook.

One of my student's mom's makes these cookies. She offered to make pumpkin cookies for our pumpkin day. Oh. I. Die. They were DELICIOUS!!!

We ended our day by painting our pumpkins. So much fun!

Oh. And you know you had fun when you look like this at the end of the day!!!
That's my teaching partner. Crack me up. We laughed for hours!!!!!!


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