Lovely Math Centers

I am super excited! I FINALLY got my Valentine math centers completed!

This unit contains 8 math centers for your classroom including:
-Math Fact Fluency - Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10
-Least to Greatest - Numbers to 100
-Odd or Even - Numbers to 100
-How many ways to write a number - Base tens blocks, Tens Frames, Number Words, and even/odd for numbers to 20
-Tally Count - Counting tallies to 20
-Count objects to 20 and write the number
-Before and After - Write numbers before and after given number to 100
-Race to 50 - Students roll the die and race to 50

Want these for yourself? I will give away 2 of these units but you have to be fast! All you have to do is follow my blog and my store. Leave 1 comment below telling me you do and your favorite part about Valentines! I'll choose a winner around 6:00pm tomorrow night! Good Luck!


  1. I am a follower! I love the chocolate during Valentine's!

  2. Oh I am a follower of both! This looks great! My favorite part of Valentine's is chocolate!

    Fingers crossed!

  3. I follow both! I love making "Love Potion" with my kiddos!!!

  4. I follow both. I love watching kindergarteners opening their cute...but for me, I love the chocolate - especially Dove.

  5. I follow your blog and TPT store. I love sweet tart candy hearts!


  6. i follow both. and my favorite part of Valentine's Day are the pink carnation flowers. they give me smiles.

  7. I follow both :) you are fab! My favorite part about vday is all the love that you feel and the smiles on little ones faces, but truly I love the sweet tart hearts, I could eat a whole 6 pack box of them!! :)


  8. I follow both!! :o) I love making Valentines!!!

  9. I follow both your blog and store. My favorite part of Valentine's day is now making all the fun homemade Pinterest inspired valentines. There are so many adorable ones out there!

  10. I follow both. Super cute! My favorite part of Valentine's Day is all the love notes they write all month long.


  11. Sarah,
    I follow your blog and your TpT store. I luuuuv everything I've purchased from you!!! I used to co-own a florist, Valentine's Day was CRAAAAAZY! My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the fact that I now get to spend my day with adorable five and six year olds instead of dealing with roses, balloons, and crazy adults!:)


  12. i follow your blog and TPT store. Everything looks cute!
    Lori Hanczaryk

  13. I follow both. I've always done hand-shaped Valentine's card with my kids!