Differentiation and RTI

I'm tellin' ya what. I have the MOST diverse group this year. We are talking MAJOR differentiations. The majority of my kiddos are working on short vowel CVC word families. I am using my Winter Word Families Unit for these kiddos.
Winter Word Families preview
They are doing great and love doing these activities! Our school also has a subscription to Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site. They have tons of leveled readers. I purchased this unit from Made for 1st Grade.
It goes great with the short vowel stories from Reading A to Z.
Now, while most of my little sweeties are doing well with short vowel families, I have some babies who just aren’t there. Like. At.All. These are my RTI kiddos. For those kiddos I am using my Letter Practice RTI units. Each unit contains 5 (black and white) printables for that letter and 2 that review all letters taught previously. Obviously, I use LOTS of hands-on materials, pictures, games, etc. etc. etc. but this is independent work for them.
I have the following letters done M, A, S, P, T, I, N, C, O, K, F, H, and D. I am currently trying to finish up the other letters. When I do, I will offer all units together as for a discounted price. I’m working hard to get them all done! PROMISE!

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  1. I love these alphabet units. I have bought every single one of them. I would have loved to buy them all together at a discounted price. I am excited to hear that you are working on all letters. Thank you