Seasons and a Freebie

I have just returned from a much needed beach vacations! We went to Destin and it was just beautiful! Seriously. You could not have asked for better weather.

I intended to post this before I left but I couldn't get it together thought it would be a great post to return to! We finished our Seasons unit the week before we left for Fall Break. We usually spend 2-3 weeks on Seasons. I posted about it here last year. Unfortunately, I do not have those free items listed in my Teachers Notebooks store because I  don't really have a store there anymore.

I do use Dr. Jean's Seasons song (from her Kiss Your Brain CD) to introduce the seasons. I feel like this song really allows the students to remember the 4 seasons in order and they love this song as well.

We also sang this little rap in class and the kiddos loved it as well.

Just as I posted last year, we make a book that includes each season. This is our cover.

The students create a Winter page by drawing a snowman and adding snow. We add a felt scarf, hat, eyes, and buttons.

We also do a Spring page by watercoloring a coffee filter and adding a stem and grass.

For summer we just paint a large yellow circle and add sun rays and google eyes.

Last, we place red, yellow, orange and brown tissue paper squares on a paper plate to create our fall tree.

All of these pages are done on the large 12 X 18 pieces of construction paper. When all pages are done, they are stapled together to create a large book for each students to take home. The kiddos LOVE this!!!
As we finish up our Seasons unit, we create a one page art piece to show the tree for each season. This includes cotton ball trees for winter, pink tissue paper buds for Spring, green torn pieces for Summer, and red, yellow, brown, and orange Q-tip paint for fall.
Do you teach Seasons in your room? You can grab the items to help you create these books as well as an emergent reader in my store by clicking on the picture below.
**Please note: The items in this unit are to go with the art projects you create in your classroom as shown above. The sayings for each season that I have on my pictures are from Dr. Jean's song. Due to copyright laws...I changed each saying for my unit. Each page in this unit is in black and white and intended to go with art projects or for the students to color and complete.  
You can also grab a quick Freebie PowerPoint that I use when teaching the 4 Seasons. I created this years ago and just added it to my store if you would like it for free!




  1. cute :) I think it can help me in my project.

  2. cute :) I think it can help me in my project.

  3. I liked the craft about the seasons, I am gonna do it with my little students. Thanks for sharing.:)