Pumpkin Fun

Today was absolutely exhausting so much fun! Seriously, it was fun but whew wee!!! I'm pooped people. Thank goodness tomorrow is just a PD day so I can rest my mind and body. We had a fun filled pumpkin day. The kids each brought in a small pumpkin and had the chance to explore their pumpkins. They measured it with cubes, counted the lines, decided if it will sink or float, and dug right in and counted the seeds. (Okay, we didn't count all of them. After all, we have only been counting to 20!) I used a form from Sprinkles to Kindergarten's unit titled Playful Pumpkins.

Okay. Funny story here. I have a sweet little ESL student who was going to check to see if his pumpkin would sink or float. We quickly found out he doesn't know the meaning of "carefully" place the pumpkin in the bucket. He straight up threw it in there and a HUGE amount of water came splashing out (hence the soaked paper towels). We about died laughing. I swear I thought I was gonna pee my pants.

We also created our Five Little Pumpkins book that I posted about here (you can grab your freebie here).

I read It's Pumpkin Time to introduce how a pumpkin grows.
This is a great and simple book to teach this process. My awesome assistant also brought in a vine with yellow blossom and small green pumpkin on it from her yard. They loved this! We then make this to show this process.

We also had  a vist from a local pumpkin patch. She can in a did a great little 30 minute presentation and showed the different kinds of pumpkins.
I also have a room mom who makes adorable and delicious cookies. She brought in Pumpkin Spice Shortbread Cookies with Crusted Cream Cheese Spiced Buttercream icing. Ummmmm...YUM!

 Our room was a HOT MESS when were finished with this day but we had fun. The kids had learned a lot and fun. That is what is most important! We are off for fall break now! I'm beach bound in 2 days! :)


  1. What a cute activity and those cookies like DELICIOUS!! Did you save me one?? ;)

    Kindergarten Smiles

  2. LOVE~Love it! The activities and the cookies look great! Wish I was in your room! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

  3. I have Erica's unit and am going to be using it next week!! Those cookies look ahhhhmazing!! Jealous of you now! :)))
    Rowdy in Room 300