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I am so excited to be linking up with Jessica in her Product Swap again. I had so much fun last time! Thanks Jessica for all of the hard work!

I was so lucky to be paired up with Melanie from Frog Spot. 
Frog Spot Blog From the Pond
If you don't know Melanie, you should! She is the creator of some FABULOUS graphics. I am lucky to be in her premium club in which I receive a set of graphics EVERYDAY for a year! Yep. Not just one clip art, but a whole set!!! Okay, sorry. Back to the product swap.
I reviewed her Halloween Centers and Games Number 1-10.
This is a perfect classroom to use in my classroom around Halloween because we have just finished learning numbers to 10 and are digging more into these numbers. The graphics are oh so cute and there are tons of different games to play.
First I printed and laminated the games I was going to use in my classroom. Note: There are like 4 more games I am not showing up. It is THAT awesome. There are 2 different games on adding.
My poor little Scotch lamintor is making some weird noises. I think it about to go out so I switched to our stinky school laminator.
Then I began cutting and looking at the games to see when I will use them. Here are some of my favorites:
 Black Cat Pairs
There are different ways to play this but here is what I am showing. Students place dot pattern cards face down on floor. The numeral cards are distributed evenly among students. A student flips over a card and calls out the number on the dot pattern card. If the student has the matching numeral in his/her hand, they get to keep both cards and set aside. If not it is placed face down again and game moves to the next student. Think of this game as a higher order thinking memory game!!!
Again...lots of different ways to play. Each student gets a BINGO card. The caller student take call cards and calls out a number. If student has the number, he/she can place a chip on the number. First student to get their card covered wins.
As you see, you can play with numerals, dot pattern cards, or number words! LOVE THIS!
Student is given a card, die, and counters or cubes. Student rolls the die. Student has to find that matching number on his/her card and place that many cubes or counters on it. The first student to get all circles filled with the correct number wins.

This is my FAVORITE because it is a skill we are working on and drilling hard. Students are to look at the numeral on the card. Students are to then look at the dot pattern. They are to count on from the numeral to find the total when you add the numeral and dot pattern. This is big in our Math in Focus count on from a given number. Students place a clothespin on the correct number.
See? I told you this was a fabulous product!! You will want it in your classroom! She also has some great items in her classroom. I have used lots of her number worksheets as well! Love them! If you want to check out her product just click on the product picture above or click here.
I hope you will hop on over to Melanie's blog and see the review of my product that she is doing! To celebrate the product swap, I am having a 15% sale until tomorrow night on the items in the product review! This sale will run until Sunday night. Head on over there now!



  1. LOVE this post! Thanks for joining for the swap :) I hope you'll sign up for the next!

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