Ups and Downs

This has been such a crazy week of ups and downs.

Down: We had a terrible tragedy happen in our hometown of a dear friend that I used to coach the dance team with.

Up: The last day of school was Tuesday.

Up: We SOLD OUR HOUSE. Can I get an AMEN? It's been for sale for 2 years. Finally. Sooooo happy.

Down: My great-grandmother who is 97 and could seriously turn cartwheels around me had a heart attack yesterday and is in the ICU.

Up: She opened her eyes and smiled when I brought Lilly (my little one) up to see her. They said that was the most response they had from her today.

Down: I'm gonna miss her terribly.

Up: She will be in a WONDERFUL place.

I am slowly but surely working on some units and freebies. Hang in there with me! I have to thank Jessica from Mrs. Stanfords Class and Heidi from My (Not so) Elementary Life for the ! Thanks gals!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the downs and so happy to hear your ups! Keep smiling and being amazing!!

    Jessica Stanford
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  2. So sorry to hear of everything going on. I hope your week gets better. Glad you are getting some ups :) Keep your chin up :)

    Take care,