Have you been good?

Okay...so I am 4 days and counting!! Super excited about that. This week's It's Not Too Soon's linky party will be about behavior. I would love to know what you do for a behavior plan in your classroom. I know I've seen a lot of chart systems with the clips. Our school doesn't have the same behavior plan school wide. Is that weird? Our Kindergarten has one system, then 1-3 has another and 4-5 have their own (they switch for content...it's complicated). Here is our behavior plan in K:
You can grab your copy here if you are interested.

I have covered my air conditioning unit with laminated pockets in which I put their pictures on the 2nd day of school. (Can I get an AMEN that we have to start discipline day 2 in Kindergarten??)  Here is the only picture I could find of  the student's pockets:

I have to say I have considered doing something else. I've done this for 10 years. The bad thing about this plan is that parents don't know about strikes 1 and 2. That is okay for some, but some parents want to know. I did start a reward system this year as well that I used on top of this. Each week I placed a word at their seat (TOY DAY, SHOES, LUNCH, etc). Students would mark a letter out for various behaviors (calling out, out of seat, not working). If they had at least 1 letter left on Friday they got the reward. (Bring a toy from home, not wear shoes in class, eat lunch with me, etc.) This worked well because I was really trying to get a grip on calling out and students out of seats and didn't really feel like a strike was warranted for that behavior. (I would have been giving out 7 red cards a day!). I think I will continue this.
Anywho...I would love to see what you do. If you have already posted about this in the past, just link up with that post! Maybe you can convince me to change...it wouldn't be hard! :)

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  1. I cant believe you only have four days left! The idea of the word on the desk is really unique... I hadn't thought of that before! It's so interesting to see all the different ways that teachers manage their classroom, I'll definitely be linking up very soon!