Where Have I Been? (And a sale)

I know. I know. Where have I been? It has been like uh, 6 weeks since I posted!!!! I'm so sorry! My life has been CRAY CRAY! You all know how crazy this time of year gets! We only have 11 days of school left and it CRAZY! In the last six weeks I have:
-pack up our old house (while having bronchitis)
-moved in our new house (while having bronchitis)
-unpacked at our new house (while having bronchitis)
-held Kindergarten registration for our new kinders
-held an ABC/123 night for our new kinders (we assess them to make class lists)
-held our Kindergarten Finale program (we aren't allowed to call it graduation)
-planned and held my daugther's 4th birthday

Understand where I have been? I really hope to be back. My nights are spent still trying to get this place organized! Last time I checked my google reader it said 1000+. I miss you guys. I will be back this week with a few updates of what we have been doing. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know I will having a sale in my TPT store! All of my items will be 28% off!

I cannot believe I never posted about my newest product. I slowly but surely did 5 separate long vowel units. That is the last "big" ELA concept we do before the end of the year. After that, we pretty much review. I made a unit for each long vowel that gave you the following:
4 literacy centers:
-Game to read short vowel and long vowel words
-Write the room long and short vowel words
-Sort and record long and short vowel words
-Sentence scramble for sentences with long vowel words

You also get 7 student activity sheets that include word searches, sentence completion, and lots of great review for the students. After completing each unit, I bundled them and placed them in my store with a 20% discount!
Lots of my Kinder and 1st grade friends are throwing a sale too! Make sure you check out their awesome items! Also, I would love for you to leave me a comment and let me know you are still with me! I promise to be back on track!!!!! :) Missed you guys!


  1. Hi! Welcome Back! It's so hard to blog when life gets in the way.
    I'm having a linky party to show off all the goodies we have in our carts in preparation for the big sale. Check it out!

    The Tutu Teacher

  2. 11 days left! How lucky! Then you'll have plenty of time to organize your new home...