Hate Me Now

Okay...you can totally hate me now. Tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are having a FUN Day. Every year we end our school year with Bubble Day. Bubbles and Bubblegum which is HUGE you know...since you can't chew gum in school. We play with bubbles outside, measure things with bubble gum sticks, see who can blow the biggest bubble, pop the loudest bubble, etc, etc, etc. I am SUPER excited to be adding this unit to tomorrow from Abby at The Inspired Apple:

This unit is SO much fun! Lots of great activities for the last day. We will be tasting different flavors of gum and graphing our favorites as well as creating these cuties:

I'm dying from the cuteness! My kiddos will be SO excited! :) The only downfall...they will have to pop them before leaving. Can't take balloons on the bus. Something about they might pop and scare the bus driver and cause her to wreck??? I have no idea, but I'm not taking any chances!

I'm sad to see my sweet babies go! They have been such a great class, but hey...a girl's gotta have a break! How many days do you have left?
PS...For those of you who hate me...you can get me back in August. We start back on August 7th!

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  1. Enjoy your last day of school! I am done June 7th. I haven't even looked to see when I start again. Love the Bubble Day! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog