Four days and counting

We only have 4 days left! I'm not counting though!!! Today was our field day. Am I the only one who thinks it is more exhausting to do something fun and non stressful than having a normal work day? We seriously played outside ALL day and it was beautiful. Tomorrow is our 100% AR reward day. We are HUGE at our school with Accelerated Reader. We do rewards for 50% and 100% at each marking period. We usually have some sort of water day for our end of the year reward. Wanna know what we are doing tomorrow? I'll give you a hint.
Yep. That's a water slide. Woo hoo! We are expecting beautiful weather and the kiddos are super excited!
Thursday is our school talent show. We have some seriously talented kiddos! I love it! Friday kinder is having a dog day. We may have a couple of little visitors. I'm thinking serve Scooby snacks and maybe sneak in a dog themed movie?? What's on your agenda? Are you close to being finished?


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