Nothing Sweeter

This past week we did our Kindergarten Assessments for all incoming kindergarten students. I always forget how sweet those little preschoolers are before they come to kindergarten. As the students come in for the assessment, they come to me first. I play a "little game" using bean bags that have the capital letters on one side and lowercase on the other. The little "t" on the beanbag has the curved bottom and it always stumps them. I try to cover up the little hook and say "what does this look like now" and for some reason...this year...I have almost 8 kiddos say "A cross". Okay. I think it is SO sweet that those students know about the cross! They won my heart each time.
They also had to sing their ABC's to me. Seriously. Is there anything sweet than a 4 or 5 year old belting out their ABC's solo in a huge gym where their voice echos. It melted my heart! I just love them! It always makes me excited for a new year. I can start looking at next year because I only have 22 days left of school....just sayin'.


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