Happy Valentines Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone had a great day! It was CRA-ZY in my class but we had oh.so.much.fun! Here is a sneak peek of what we did:

 They LOVED racing to 50 from Live Laugh Love in Kindergarten found here:

We graphed our conversation hearts. This was a freebie from my Teachers Notebook store:

The most challenging thing we did was unscramble word wall words from Cara Carroll:

I have to say this was a bit challenging too. We are having lots of trouble this year with question words. This is from Randi from Teach It With Class in her Owl Love You Forever unit at her TPT store:

We loved Babbling Abby's Be Mine Boxes. I have to say we had beads rolling everyone and I may have to think of something different to count! :)d

I have to show you one of the CUTEST Valentines that my kiddos brought in. (Obviously I blocked the picture and name.) His mama found the idea on pinterest.

Also, I keep a scrapbook of the kiddos all year and take 2-3 pictures of them each month to include. Here is what I took for today's photo. I thought the Heart "frame" was pretty cute.

 Hope you had a great day! I have two really good friends with some very ill family members and they are both having a hard time tonight. I would love any extra prayers you could send! Thanks!


  1. Looks like a great day...and ((hugs)) for your family and friends! =)
    First Grade Blue Skies

  2. Don't ya love Valentine's Day. Your stuff looks awesome that you did!!

  3. Thanks for posting a picture of my activity in action! It's still so crazy to me how I can reach other classrooms. I really enjoy all the pictures you post. I'm so bad at remembering to post them all!

    Teach It With Class