Drama For Your Mama and Bad Words

Whew wee! I am SO glad I teach Kindergarten. I.kid.you.not. I COULD NOT teach intermediate. It just isn't in my blood! We have a few 5th graders who don't like "recess" time so they come down to help primary teachers during this time. I totally get that. That was me. I would have WAY rather help a teacher than go run and play outside. So I have had one little girl come down since early October. She pulls kids and tests with rainbow words, math facts, etc. Lately 2 other girls have been coming as well. I love some volunteers but I TOTALLY snapped yesterday. I had noticed during morning duty, halls, etc that those girls had some DRAMA, but didn't know how much DRAMA they come with. They had a little PowerPoint they had made to show the kiddos. They went to go put it on their USB to come back to show us. Long story short. They come back hands on hips, finger snapping with the "She did this" "Well she did that" "No I did.ent" You get it. I lost it. I basically said "You better be glad you aren't in my class. I have these sweet kinders because I don't do all the drama and if you have drama you can stay in 5th grade land. All that drama is poison and I don't want it anywhere near me or my classroom." I was so ugly, but I just can't take all of those hormones. Well...they didn't come back! :) I hope I wasn't too hard on them, but I don't do well with all of those hormones. I like my sweet babies who the only drama they have it "He cutted".
Know what else I like about my sweet K kids? They don't know when they are flat out cussin'. We are working on rhyming words. We need all the help we can get. Usually I make them come up with "real" words but at this point....I'll take anything. So we are playing around the world. I give a word the kid has to yell out a rhyming word. Here is how this game went today:
Me: Cart
Student A: SHART (Hee. Hee. Yep. That is the 5 year old coming out in me. I lost it. They have no idea.)
Me: Duck
Student B: F*@! (And no one said a word. Seriously. No one went UH OH! Wasn't sure if it was such a common word that they didn't know it was bad or they had never heard it and didn't know it was bad).
Me: Leaf
Student C: ...well I can't even put it on here. It's so embarrassing.

So...that is what kind of day I had today. How about you? I've been so busy posting for Teacher Blogger Giveaways that I haven't had much time to give this blog TLC. I'll be back more often and with some good stuff soon. Don't leave me!


  1. It's even funny hearing your story a second time!! LOL

    And I hear ya on the drama. This time of year it starts getting that way in 2nd grade. It's kind of sad watching them go from sweet, innocent kindergartners to being bit by the drama bug.

    Hopefully we'll always get to stay with our sweet little people!!

  2. Hahaha! Oh how I love Kindergarten! :)

    I had a paper once where the kids had to change the beginning sound to make a new word. Well it was supposed to be clock to sock, but sometimes those K kiddos think that c makes the /s/ sound.........

    I am so glad I am in K! I can't deal with older student drama either!

  3. We like to make word lists that start with the same letter and we get some that I probably shouldn't write but if it isn't obscene I add it. I love the innocence of children!!!!