Listening Center Help

Ok ya'll.....I need your help. My listening center is a HOT MESS!!!! It it set up as a play center in which kids listen to alphabet songs (like Dr. Jean etc.). They love it but oh my...I despise it! :) About 5 years ago I got a wireless set thinking that I would haven't to mess with cords and it would be great. WRONG! Those stinkin' things broke left and right. They lasted 2 years TOPS. This year I got the headphone set with cords (kept the same radio). I swear I spend 1/2 of my time either putting those plastic peices back on the ears or untangling cords. I would love to know what tips you have. I tried labeling each one with a sticker and making kids put it back on the rack with the cordinating sticker. I would love any suggestions you could give me! Thanks so much!

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  1. Lord have mercy, do I feel your pain. I hated the cord bologna so much I bought the Lakeshore listening center table OUTTAPOCKET! I have had my table for five years now! No lookin' back, can't imagine not having it! It is the best ever! I have a Beanie Baby perched on each book with the headphones. The kids never have trouble with clean up time and the cords are all hidden inside the table! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a fab sigh of relief!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Lilly Kindergarten

  2. I too have had this problem for many years. Now I simply don't even have them use headphones. I just have a listening center where I have set the volume control at an acceptable volume and they know "do not touch!" This seems to work best for me! No more untangling cords...another benefit is that I can also hear if they are listening to the entire story or not. However, I would love one of those Lakeshore Listening Tables. They are awesome! One of our first grade teachers have one and she says the same as Mrs. Kindergarten. Maybe you can ask Santa to bring you one...Oh, tell him to bring me one too!

  3. I only have 2 sets of headphones at mine and I only allow 2 students there at a listening is by no means immaculate, but the ear phones are relatively neat being that there are only 2 sets.

  4. Hi there~
    I have nominated YOU for the Sunshine Award! You are wonderful at what you do! Please visit my blog to learn more about this award! :)


  5. I use the straight cords. The children know that they are expeted to unplug the cord when they finish listening and wrap it gently around the headphones. Then they have to place it on the shelf before going to a table to draw and write about their favorite part of the story.

  6. ohhh no!! Were your wireless headphones from Lakeshore? I can't believe they weren't good! I have them on my donors choose project right now :(

    Kindergarten Smiles

  7. No Caitlin! They weren't from Lakeshore! I wish they were...they probably would have held up. Our school has weird we have to buy from "bid companies" and Lakeshore isn't one of them. That makes me sad. I don't have anything from there....we don't have a store anywhere near where I live!
    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I have to do something!