Gift Ideas Anyone???

So I have my kiddos gift to their parents figured out, but now I need volunteer gift ideas AND a gift idea for my little girl's teacher. We still have this week and 2 days next week!! :( It just hit me that I needed volunteer gifts. I would LOVE your ideas. I'm sure many of you already have posted about this somewhere on your blog, so feel free to just leave the link. I would like to do something creative - I have 3 volunteers that come weekly.
For the first time ever I have a Cricut with vinyl and have no idea what to do!!! So, help a teacher out...what do you give, what have you received, or what have your seen. I'd love your ideas! Thanks ladies!


  1. I gave a donation to Make a Wish in honor of my group of volunteers. They had a very nice certificate I printed off and sent home.

  2. We made darling snowmen. Check it out on my blog-

    Very easy and so cute