Go Noodle Sanity Savers

First of all, HELLO! I realize I haven't posted in over a month! YIKES!
When I saw that Elizabeth at Kickin' It in Kindergarten was having a GoNoodle linky party I knew that was my chance to get back on board! I am always amazed when people tell me they haven't gotten on board with Go Noodle yet! Y'all. It's awesome! My kiddos LOVE it. (And I do too!)


Brain Break: Roller Coaster is one of their favorites. Here is a quick glimpse:

They love anything Koo Koo Kanga Roo really!!!

Happy Place: I'm happy anywhere with my family, but especially here:

I LOVE Destin, Florida. We go every fall break (and now Spring Break too) but we didn't go this past Spring Break because we went to Disney so I really seem to be missing it right now! (I did go in August for a weekend boat Poker Run with hubby but didn't get to lay on the beach. GASP! I know!)

Guilty Pleasure:  Jane.com. Y'all. It's bad. Yes. Items for $4-$25 is a great deal....but when you buy 10 in a week...not so much! I need an intervention.

Keep Calm and...Pray for a Snow Day! I know. I know. I was sick of them last year. (We had 18) But in general...I LOVE Snow Days. It was a possibility of ice/sleet tonight but I think it's gonna miss us. It looks warm for the next 10 days. Maybe in February! 

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  1. What the WHAT!?! I need to check out that web-site. I think you and I are out of luck with snow this week my friend. It's supposed to get up in to the 50's. I'm with you though...there's still February :)