100th Day Fun

Our 100th day was Friday! Woo! Hoo! I love the 100th day. Having it on a Friday made it a bit more....crazy. Those children were so excited! I may or may not have done things totally different and I may or may not do that again next year. In the past I had 4 groups and we switched every 30 minutes. Very organized. (That is me...OCD...organized.). This year I decided to do 7 groups. I assigned them to their first group then they came to me to see where they went next. I looked around to find a group with openings and sent them there. Lord Have Mercy. I thought I was gonna lose my mind! They had fun but I think I'll go back to OCD next year! :) Here are some of my favorite shirts this year:

We did the fashion show from Kinder-Craze. ADORBS! They loved it and we had so much fun! :) I highly recommend it for your 100th day!

We also did lots of other fun activities. Writing to 100 (ok...they didn't think that was a lot of fun!).

100 day necklaces with fruit loops

Their favorite activity HANDS DOWN was building a tower with 100 cups. They LOVED it so much!

We also made a 100 day snack at the end of the day. Yet another favorite.

My team of teachers (minus my aid who had to leave early) had these ADORABLE shirts made this year! So fun!
When is your 100th day? I hope you had as much fun as we did!


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