My Summer Bucket List

Woo Hoo! I am a little late to the party...but I am FINALLY on Summer Vacation!!! My last day was last Thursday!!! Unfortunately, it should have been the 16th but we all know the story..SNOW! We have about 7 weeks off before I head back for PD. I have a lot I want to accomplish this summer so I'm joining Deanna's linky party.

1. Spend as much quality time with this little girl. She will SERIOUSLY be in Kindergarten next year. I have NO idea where time goes. Please tell me if you know. I think it is really hitting me hard because I know Kindergarten like no other. I know they aren't babies that means she isn't a baby anymore! :(

2. Organize and finish this home. We have been in it for a little over a year and there are still some things that need to be finished and a few rooms that need to be completed.

3. Finish the 4 big products for TPT that I have been working on ALL YEAR LONG. I just can not get it done during the school year. I can not wait to get it all completed and in my store!

4. Go to this LOVELY place with my husband. So excited and can not wait to relax. (Although it will be the longest by far that I've ever left my little one!)

5. Plan a better organizing system for my classroom. I want to be better organized with my student data, notes, etc. I'm not sure if I will complete it or I will purchase something from TPT but it has to be done! I've been pinning!!!

6. Organize my classroom library. I am going to be sorting it by genre and by reading level. I've pinned lots of great ideas...just gotta get it done!

7. CRAFT and SEW....I've got lots of sewing projects on the back burner but it's time to complete them. I am basically vinyling my whole classroom this year so I need to get that silhouette out and get busy!!!

8. Blog more. My poor blog has been neglected lately. I'm going to try to make an effort to blog at least 4 times a week. I enjoy it so much but it has been the last thing on my list. I miss my readers and I miss reading blogs!!!

9. Diet and Exercise. I did T25 before school ended and started dieting. I lost a little weight and felt better. I'm back on the diet wagon today and well, exercise.....maybe it will come too!

10. Relax. That's a hard one for me. I don't relax well at all, but I'm going to try and really enjoy the summer!

It's rainy here today so maybe I should start with organizing the inside of this house!


  1. Your post sounds like me, minus the vacation! I LOVE your house! I wish we had that much land out here in CA. And, for those TpT projects . . . my list is ever growing!

    What I Have Learned

  2. Your house - holy cow, it looks like a magazine photo (me - way jealous!!)
    I, too, always need to up my organization. Please keep us posted as to your solution - I' d love to see what others use and their opinions of its effectiveness