Are You Ready for Kindergarten??

I recently had the opportunity to review a new product from Lakeshore Learning (one of my FAVORITE companies). They recently released a whole series of ARE YOU READY? games. These are designed like a game show, but for play at home (or school).

I had the opportunity to review the Are You Ready For Kindergarten? game since my daughter will be headed to kindergarten next year.

Here are the pieces that are included: a gameboard, Math and Language Arts cards, Bonus Cards, Cash and Coupons!
She was SO excited to play. Like begged for days to open it!

You place 1 card of each value in the gameboard to set it up.

The player choses a card.

They answer the question on the card.

And earn money for getting it correct. (Her favorite part.)
There is also a check list for students to check which problems they got correct. Later you can go to the internet, enter their data, and it will give you printables and links to products that can help your child work on those skills.

All in all, this game was fun! My little girl is headed to kindergarten in the fall and she enjoyed it. Most questions she ACED so it is definitely for preschool students headed to kindergarten, although it would be appropriate for my lower entering K students to use even in December. Here was a more challenging question. Not that it is challenging, but the wording was new to her.

This game was perfect for a single user. I also think it could be used in small groups as well. I would laminate the money and make copies of the checklist cards before using in the classroom. I really wish I had the 1st grade game to use in my classroom at the end of the year The kiddos would love it!
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  1. Oh I love it!! This would be great to share with parents as well!

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