Five for Friday and New Blog Design

I am finally linking up for Doodle Bug's Five for Friday Linky Party!
Can you guess where I am????? It is FINALLY my Spring Break and I am in the good ol' state of Florida.
Specifically in the Rosemary Beach/Santa Rosa area. I LOVE this area. It is so quaint and southern!
Speaking of Southern. I saw this on a tea towel in Seaside. I die. Love it.
We are working on long vowels, specifically long e using this unit. Anywho....the students were to read the word and draw a picture. My teaching partner brought a student's paper over cracking up! Funniest thing ever!
We are doing our Easter theme next week. We will be doing this craft I blogged about here. Is it an egg or a bunny? You can grab your free one here. on to the exciting news. Do you LOVE my new blog design??? I do. Parker created it for me and he was so wonderful to work with! He worked and worked until it was just what I wanted. I still have a few pages to update, but I am loving my new design! I'm thinking I feel a giveaway next week (after my vacation) to celebrate! Stay tuned!


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