Happy Near Year and Currently

Happy New Year!!!!

Well, almost another month went by and no blogging from me! :( Sorry friends. December got the best of me, as I know it did everyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed my break, although sadly it ends for me tomorrow! I SO wish we had off until next Monday like a lot of folks. (Although they are calling for an inch of snow...so it is possible we will be off!) Since we just have a 2 day week, we won't be doing literacy center rotations and small reading groups. We will take some time to review rules, discuss what we did over the break, and enjoy getting back into routines. Instead, we will be doing these activities the next 2 days!


This small unit contains 5 literacy and 5 math centers. Here is a little of what you will see in this unit (all centers come with recording sheets as well):

Sentence Scramble

Count and Record (1-10 or 11-20)


Syllable Count

Sight Words in ABC Order

Unscramble the sight word

You will also find centers for skills covering CVC words, counting, on, greater than or less than, graphing, and ordering numbers from least to greatest. This is the perfect unit to get your kids started back in the New Year!!!! Grab it by clicking on any of the pictures above!

I also wanted to join Farley in her Currently series. I tried to do it some last year. I hope I can remember to do it each month this year! :)

It is SUPER cold here and I am very thankful for my warm home!!!
This year so SOOOOOOOOOOOO magical for Lilly with her elf and Santa. She was TOTALLY into it and couldn't wait each day to see where her elf was and what he had been up to! I wish I could put that age into a bottle and hold on to it forever!!!!!
I hope you will link up with Farley too!!! I'll be back sooner rather than later!


  1. We had a lot of fun with our elf this year, too! My five year-old loves her elf! I want that cleaning fairy, too! Please send her my way. :) I hope you have a wonderful 2014!


  2. I am with you on not wanting to go back. I am just not ready yet. Our kids don't come back until Monday, and I am not a fan of being there without them.

  3. Our two days will also consist of reviewing routines and rules. I'm sure it'll be pretty interesting in the morning! :)

    Tomorrow should at least be a workday or something, right??!!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten