A Peek At My Week and Brrrrrr

So, I'm curious. What are you doing tomorrow? Are you headed back after the winter break? Have you already been back last week and you are start a full week tomorrow? Or...are you out for snow/cold? We should be headed back for our 1st full week tomorrow. (We went back Thursday and Friday.) HOWEVER....we have a snow/cold day. So as of Friday we were told 5-8 inches. We got maybe an inch, but...the wind chill is supposed to be -30 (and we NEVER have negatives here)! BRRRRRRR.
As soon as we do return, will begin my Winter Word Families in literacy centers.


We are going to begin working on short a family next week. This unit will last 5 weeks, as we go through each vowel! Same activities for each vowel so they know the expectations.

I'm finally back to link up with DeeDee for her Peek at My Week linky party. Here are my Literacy and Math centers for next week (or whenever we return!)


Need more ideas for this week? Check out DeeDee's linky party!



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