Turkey Time

Last year I shared this letter with you that I send home the day after Halloween. Well, I sent it home again and am loving our turkey display this year! Check out the cuteness!

I love how each one is completely different. Here are some of my favorites from my class. I love the ones that you can tell the kids did it all! (BTW...they are to put their last name on the feather.)

Look (sideways) at the family hands. CUTE!!! (I cannot get this puppy flipped. Have no idea.)
And Pom-Poms...how easy!
Now...I'm taking notes (from the other K classes too) because my little one will be in K next year. For real...check this one out! We might be duplicating next year!

Look how cute!!!

 One of my other favorite parts of my Thanksgiving unit is discussing with the students what they are thankful for. This year we did a writing from Apples and ABC's.

Love the family illustrations!
I LOVE this picture of his grandfofr.

(You gotta love this one...she's thankful for her teechr!)

I'll be back soon with what I am thankful for...I have a lot!!!


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