Halloween and Red Ribbon Week Review

Lord have mercy. I have no idea how I survived those last 2 weeks! We had Red Ribbon week for not 1 week, but almost 2 whole weeks!!!!! It started off with the 50th Day of School a week ago Wednesday. Here is my team:

The next day we had Rock and Roll day. Here is my assistant and me. Tattoo sleeves and all complementary of the Dollar Tree!

Friday was Camo Day. Hey...we are from Kentucky. We've got that!

Monday was Pajama Day and sadly no picture! :(

Tuesday was Superhero Day! The kids LOVED that day!

Wednesday was Spirit Day...just school shirt (and jeans!!!)

Thursday for Halloween we were a Baseball Team. We had these shirts ordered this past summer so we went with it...it was easy! :)

So much fun!!! The funny thing about all of those pictures...they were taken on my phone by a 5 year old! :) You cannot believe how many takes it took to get no fingers on the lenses, not a straight shot up. etc. etc. We had a blast but WHEW WEE! I'm so ready for normal next week!!!!  I'll be back tomorrow with my Peek at the Week and my newly updated (and doubled) Thanksgiving unit! :)


  1. Your pictures are great! It looks like a lot of fun! Last year we celebrated the 50th day of school and the students LOVED it. Sometimes after that I would play 50's music during morning seat work time to get them rockin' out their work!

  2. I love all of your dress up pictures! How fun!!