Throwback Thursday

Y'all....I'm on a linky party craze! I can't help it!!! There are so many good ones. I hope you aren't bored. I'll be back with some "meat" soon! I'm linking up with Cara again!

If you are like have Back to School on the Brain. Yep. Four weeks from today is our FIRST DAY and we all know teachers start WAY before then!!!! :( Here is a posted dated August 8, 2012 with my First Day of K Frame and the memory book I do for each kiddo!!!

Original Post - AUGUST 8, 2012

I know you have seen those ADORABLE empty frames that say My First Day of Kindergarten. Well, I made one and I LOOOOOOOVE it! Here it is being put to use this morning.

 I took each students pictures using the frame to include in the scrapbook I make for each child. In the past, I just took a normal picture and included cute clipart like this:

I think the framed picture will be SO much cuter!!!! I have been doing these for my students for 10 years. Each students gets a spiral bound scrapbook or memory book at the end of the year that includes 2-3 pictures for each month, along with a cute quote that has something to do with the month or what we learned. Here are a few other examples:

I also save writing and artwork from that month to include. Do you like the idea of a scrapbook or memory book for your students? Well, your life just got a lot easier! I have taken these quotes and put them together to create a Kindergarten Scrapbook/Memory Book unit. There are 2 different ways to use this. You can run the quote on small pieces of paper and cut out and place on paper with 2 or more pictures (cute stickers too) or you can just use the whole page quote with cute clipart that will allow you to place just 1 picture. (This is better for a smaller book.) All items in this unit are BLACK AND WHITE so that you can customize on your own colored paper (and save colored ink). If you would like to begin making these with your students, just click the picture below!


  1. As a parent, I would LOVE having a memory book like this when my little one goes to Kindergarten! Does it take you a lot of time? Seems like it might!