A Few Shopping Finds and Washi Tape

Well, I'm that crazy cat that starts checking Wal-Mart and Target isles the week of July 4th. Yep. I have no idea why because that means school is right around the corner for me, but I can't help it. I LOVE school supplies. I'm have been stalking for the $ .25 Crayola crayons (Toys R Us this week)! I have noticed that most all great finds (Dollar Tree, Dollar Spot) are BRIGHT colors and well, I have primary colored tables remember?? I do have punches of orange, pink, etc in my room but not lots of brights. That has saved me a lot of money!

I did find this for all of your BRIGHT lovers at Big Lots!! Only $28!!!!

Okay. So I may be dating myself a bit, but how many of you had the packets of bright colored blue and pink notebook paper when you were in elementary school? You know...Lisa Frank? Well, I would be ALL OVER this if I were in elementary!

That was at Target but I was JUST at Wal-Mart and they had paisley and different patterns there too!

Okay...now I have a confession to make. I just bought my first roll of Washi Tape this week. I know. Where have I been? I was SUPER excited to do these.

All I needed was Washi Tape (Target), clothespins, scissors, and modge podge (not pictured).

Look how cute they turned out!!!!! I'm dying from the cuteness! Seriously!!! (It's the small things.)

I used these to hang up WOW work in my classroom. This was an empty space in my room and it worked perfect!

Okay...I'm off to the pool. I'll be back tomorrow with a Facebook Freebie!


  1. You're not the only school supply geek. I think there are many of us out there. It gives me butterflies!!! Thanks for the Crayola crayon tip, I've been waiting on the 25 cent ones!!

  2. These are some great finds. I do love school supplies!
    Tracie Penn

  3. Yep. I teach so that I still have an excuse to buy school supplies. Lol. :-) I had the pink & blue notebook paper & I probably still have some somewhere! (Not only do I love school supplies, I also hoard them. Lol) Lisa Frank was the bomb diggity

  4. Oh & I have that brightly colored drawer thingy in my craft room at home. I've had it for years & I still love it! :-)

  5. Love that colored drawer set! I worked with a teacher that used it to store her desk supplies(paper clips etc.), with labels of course. :) I wonder if it could be used for partner games?

  6. I've been to Big Lots a lot lately!! They have such great school stuff this year! :) I just bought some Washi tape on Very Jane and can't wait to try it!!

  7. I remember the colored lined paper in elementary school! That was so 80's :) I too have been stalking teacher sales. It's the way of the teacher!