Throwback Thursday

I joining Cara Carroll in her Throwback Thursday party! How fun!
I've decided to take you back to one of my most popular posts (thanks to it being listed on School Supply Addict).
Original post August 7, 2012
Well, (sniff, sniff) my summer is over and school begins TOMORROW!!!! I did the final touches on my classroom today and I am ready to reveal! (WARNING: LOTS OF PICTURES)

I LOVE My Banner from Little Lovely Leaders! I realize I should have turn off the flash but it says "We ♥ Kindergarten". (She has one for EVERY grade!)

It was just what I needed to add to my pendant banner I made last year.

Here is the view from the back of the room.

I have these signs hanging above each table. The frames are from IKEA. I made them 3-4 years ago, but I was just there this summer and they still have them!

My Vertical Behavior System clipart! You can purchase it here.

My classroom rules. Free from Deanna Jump! LOVE!

My birthday balloons. These are free from Mrs. Hilderbrand.

I bought these cute containers in the Dollar Spot at Target. Put my Cricut and Vinyl to use. Each child will have a popsicle stick with their name on it in each cup. I will use the "Pick Me" for EVERYTHING. To select students to work on Activboard, read out loud, line up in a different order, etc. The "Star Student" one will be how I select a Star Student at the end of each week.

Students cubbies where they store their daily work and folders until the end of the day.

My classroom Jobs display.

This is beside my Calendar (which is done through Everyday Counts on the ACTIVboard).

I made these cuties for my tornado, fire, and lockdown plans as well as lunch menu. I would TOTALLY share, but it got lost when my USB shorted out! :(

My transportation display from here.

My door. Oooh! I LOVE it!

I bought these years ago. I keep it outside the classroom with my class list.

My AR wall. Students are recognized for reaching 50% and 100% with rewards. This is HUGE at my school.

We use these little guys to place on the magnets and move. We send these home the first week of class and it is their "homework" to decorate it. They are so original! I love them!

Look at the banner I got for above my AR display. I got it on for $1!!! (Plus $8.95 shipping). It is thick vinyl. Love, Love, Love!

The back of the room. Homeliving center.

My desk. I keep my desk because 1: I sit there during planning and 2: right behind it is my computer that controls everything on my ACTIVboard!

My clean rug! That puppy is like 5-6 years old! Love our janitors!

My read alouds organized so nicely!

Well, that is my room! I am SO lucky to have a HUGE room! :) Very blessed I know!
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So that's my classroom. I'm starting to get back in it and start for next year. I'm making some changes too!!!! Come back to see what will be different this year!


  1. Love your room! Funny--I linked up a similar post from the same day last year! I am going to go in this afternoon and work in my room a little, so I needed some motivation! I am happy to be a new follower of your blog!
    Brittany Banister

  2. so cute! I'm moving to China next month to teach kindergarten at an international school and all I have been thinking is about my kinder classroom and how to make it beautiful! Love your pictures and thanks for sharing all the links!

    Cheers To School

  3. Oh my goodness! Love today's throwback! Are the stick people on your desk cutouts or stickers? I'm looking to spruce up my desk, and I'm trying to figure out what to do! :)

    Carried Away in... K!

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