Can't Relax and Goals

Why can't a teacher relax? I  know I'm not the only one who as soon as school is out starts planning for a new year. It was really bad last summer because I had just began blogging and TPT'ing and I was excited to plan a new year with all of these resources. When school started I asked myself, "Why didn't I take some time off?" Well, here I am again. I've been out of school for 2 1/2 weeks and I am at it again!
Don't get me wrong....I'm going to the pool with my little one and meeting friends for lunch but any down time is spent at the computer working away! (I'm also working out from 6-7 AM - so stupid.) Here are my goals for this summer (school related):
  • Redo and upload my Reading Around the Rainbow unit to go with our new Journey's series
  • Complete the new sequence and pace calendar and upload (look for a freebie)
  • Finish the RTI letter packs and bundle them (SOON!)

  • Purchase this ADORABLE teacher binder kit and get all organized

  • Redo my Vertical Behavior Chart System (after 1 year of implementation I decided on a few changes) and get it upload. I'm 50% finished with it now!

  • Read Debbie Diller's math stations and get my classroom prepared to do them!
That's just a FEW of the things on my list. I better get busy! What are you To Do's?


  1. Tomorrow is my last day of school! I just posted on my blog that I feel like I'm in survival mode! Haha! With teaching a new grade level next year, I know I'll have lots of work to do this summer. I'm ready for some relaxation, though!

  2. Oh and I laughed out loud at your "work out from 6-7 am - so stupid" comment! I think that sounds like someone who is super motivated! I need to do the same, but know I'd never get up early to do it!