The Countdown is On!

I'm SOOOO excited!! The Spring Blogger Meet-up is THIS. WEEK!!! As in Saturday! Eeek!!!! I am SUPER excited. I wanted to go so bad last year but didn't have the guts to do it. I "know" so many people from their blogs but don't really "know" them. I am so glad I did it this year and am really looking forward to it!!!!!

In the  meantime, this week I am also headed to a technology conference Wednesday-Friday. I am excited about this since I am now a 1:1 classroom, but I hate being away from home. Like I don't like to leave my girl. I will quickly get home Friday, see baby girl and hubby and wake up the next morning and go to the retreat! This week is a CRAZY one but a good one! So...are you going to the retreat? I cannot wait to meet everyone! :)


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