Snow Days...Snow Days

Well....we are on our 8th snow day since Christmas break. Yes. I said 8th!

And y'all. Seriously. Seriously. They are calling for some snow tonight. And by some snow I mean about 1/2 an inch. That doesn't seem like much but in my rural town it's enough to close school! We have lots of rural roads to travel that don't get salted or plowed therefore making it hard for buses to travel. I just want to get in a routine. I just want a normal 5 day week! I really want a Valentine's Day party tomorrow...not next week sometime. I say sometime because we are supposed to get more snow on Sunday!!! AAAGH! Have you had any snow days? I know those up north laugh at how often we are out!
I've managed to accomplish a few things. I finally have letters A-M RTI units updated! I just completed the A-M bundle and placed it on TPT! That means I am 1/2 way through!

I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day with your kiddos tomorrow!


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