TPT {Seller} Challenge

I'm taking on a challenge and SUPER excited about it! I'm joining the TPT {Seller} Challenge!

Let's be honest...I hadn't posted in 4 months until last week. I need something to get me in gear! :) Here is a look at my stats:

Now...let's chat about my stats:
Facebook - I was in a Fourth of July hop a few years ago and my FB page blew up. I'm very thankful for that. Since then...FB has changed and I notice not as many people see my posts. I also need to be more interactive with my followers.
Instagram: I have a personal instagram...but not one for my blog. That is about to CHANGE!
Twitter: I signed up a few years ago...but I'm a little scared of twitter! :)
Pinterest: I use pinterest DAILY...but both my personal and blog are on the same account and I'm okay with that.
Bloglovin': I remember being SO excited that I finally had 1000 followers on Google...only to find out they were no longer going to do google. I was so upset! I love Bloglovin' so much more! :) Change is good!
TPT: I love my store...but I need to a pay more attention to it! :)

I'm super excited about the changes that will occur! I hope you will join too!!!

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