Well, where have I been is all I can say? I have been blogging personally for over 5 years. I was REALLY into it as I was planning a wedding and being a newlywed. Then, when I had our daughter Lilly (who is now 2), I made the blog private and continued to blog for journal/memory purposes. I check my blogs everyday, multiple times a day. I have no idea where I have been but I had no idea there were "school" related blogs out there. I knew that having a classroom blog was the thing now but I am completely overwhelmed with the weath of information and ideas I have found in the past 5 days. You are awesome!!!!!
A little about me...This will be my 10th year in Kindergarten. I LOVE my job. Yes, some years are much harder than others, but I love what I do. I graduated from The University of Kentucky and received my masters from Western Kentucky University. I am married to my best friend Dave and we have a two year old named Lilly. I am a little unsure where I am going with this blog, but looking forward to doing something creative and fun!

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  1. That is what happened to me too...I have a crafting blog, but who knew there were so many awesome teaching blogs?? :-) Can't wait to see what you share!