Red Ribbon Week

We always have Red Ribbon Week the week before Halloween. As if Halloween doesn't get excited enough, we have a week FULL of fun activities to go along with it. By the time Halloween comes around, I am one pooped teacher. I actually have purchased several pieces of clothing that I keep in a tub until Red Ribbon Week because we usually have about the same dress up days each year.
This year we aren't just celebrating for 1 week but 1 1/2 weeks since Halloween falls on a Wednesday. Whew Wee! Our guidance counselor does a great job of getting this week ready and having something small for each child each day (pencil, sticker, etc.)  Here is our week(s):

What do you do at your school?


  1. You that you mention it, our school isn't dressing up for Red Ribbon Week! Ugh! Wonder why not! We are having a door decorating contest. Our theme is "United We Stand for a Drug Free Land...Vote NO for drugs!" I love how it ties in with the upcoming election!

  2. What a fun week! We have just this week... ours is Backwards Day (I'm not sure why), camoflauge day (to fight against drugs and Be all that we can be), Red Day (for Red Ribbon,) Pajama Day (to follow our dreams) and Tie Dye/Peace sign day (To live peacefully without drugs.) We don't really have any activities or prizes though. We just walk around looking goofy!

  3. That sounds so exciting! We are celebrating Red Ribbon Week here at our school with the theme of "Friends Don't Let Friends Bully or Do Drugs". We are closed Monday. Tuesday we have a door contest for a awesome surprise for who ever wins. Wednesday is wear a red hat to school. Thursday is wear a red shirt backwards for "turn your back on drugs" and Friday we are having a red icecream social which means all their toppings will be red! We will also listen to music for lunch for "tuning our drugs". They will also receive bracelets and a pledge card for "Friends dont let friends bully or do drugs". We are so excited!
    -A secretary at Bridge Prep Private at St. John