New Year, New Look

I am finally getting around to updating some of my older units. One of my goals this year has been to update all of my RTI units. Now......don't get excited! :) I've only done the letter Aa. I'm slowly but surely working on them. I'm almost embarrassed at how sad my first cover looked. I feel like I have really grown as a TPT seller and teacher. Check out the before and after!

I have used these in my classroom for 3 years now. At this point, we have learned all letters and sounds in my classroom and are working on short word families. As we all know, that won't work for everybody. I have one or two who need to slowly work through the alphabet. I am able to pull these units for classroom use, homework, or just extra review. I also have these units bundled. I hope to get these all done in the next month or so, but for now Aa is ready to go! :)

Doesn't it just make you happy when your things get a makeover? They make me kind-of giddy! Have a great week!

Currently January

Well, hello! I'm been very much not present. But I love Farley's Currently series and what better way to get my back in the game. I have some changes coming up so I hope to blog more and update you on what's happening in my life and classroom!

Listening: The UK wildcats are killing it right now!!!

Loving: This has been one of the best holidays! I've thoroughly enjoyed the time off!

Thinking: I've enjoyed it so much I'm a wee bit down that I have to return to a schedule. I love my school babies but it is so hard to get back into a schedule!

Wanting: Nothing. Seriously. Nothing.

Needing: To get on the ball. I found out 2 days before break that I am going 1:1 with ipads in my classroom. EEK! So excited! I've been doing some research but more to go!

One Little Word: Grateful. I am so grateful. I have a wonderful family. Everyone is healthy. We are blessed. Truly blessed.

I hope you will join Farley and link up!