We have a Winner!!!!

We have a winner for our first Holly Bloggy Giveaway!

Lisa from Live, Laugh, and Love to Learn is the winner of the ADORABLE teacher banner.

Live Laugh and Love to Learn

Lisa, send me your email so I can give your information to Whimzy Creations and she can be in contact with you! Thanks to all who entered and to Whimzy Creations for the giveaway! Be sure to check out Ms. Preppy's blog on Monday....she will have giveaway number 2. You won't want to miss it! We have about 65 participants. The deadline to sponsor or be a participant of Holly Bloggy Christmas is Monday!

Sign up now if you haven't already!

One More Day for the Holly Bloggy Giveaway!

Wow! Only 1 more day left to enter to win our 1st of NINE giveaways. The deadline is 11:59 tomorrow night! Just click here to learn more about our 1st Holly Bloggy Giveaway. You have to be a participant or sponsor to join so if you are not and want to join the fun, just click here.

I will be back on Saturday with the winner!

Holly Bloggy Giveaways - Week 1

I am so excited about the first Holly Bloggy Giveaway! This giveaway is from Whimzy Creations on Etsy.

I have personally purchased from her and she is FABULOUS! I purchased all of my paper items for my little girl's 1st birthday from her. How cute are they?


She is FABULOUS to work with and her creations are ADORABLE. Best news of all? She's gonna share some of that FABULOUS with you! She is giving away 1 Teacher Banner.

How CUTE is that???? This is valued at $30.00! Wouldn't this be a perfect addition to your classroom?  Well, get to entering!

First and foremost, you MUST be a Holly Bloggy Christmas participant or sponsor. If you are not, email us at hollybloggychristmas@gmail.com   You really don't want to miss out on all the fun!

You can have 6 chances to win! Here is how you can earn entries. Please make sure you leave a comment for each entry!
- Follow my blog and leave a comment
- Follow Ms. Preppy's blog and leave a comment
- Add my Teacher's Notebook store as a favorite and leave a comment
- Follow Ms. Preppy at her TPT store and leave a comment
- Visit Whimzy Creations store and leave a comment telling us which of her items you like best
- Blog about the giveaway and Holly Bloggy Christmas and leave a comment with the link.

Please remember, you only need to comment on my blog for this giveaway. Ms. Preppy will do the next giveaway. This giveaway will run from today until 11:59 on Friday, October 28th. We will choose a winner and announce it on Saturday, October 29th! Good luck!!!!!

Holly Bloggy Giveaways

Holly Bloggy Christmas has some Holly Bloggy Giveaways. We have 9 giveaways. That's right....NINE weeks of giveaways. Ms. Preppy and I are SO excited about our Holly Bloggy Christmas.
We have over 50 participants who are so excited to get their secret pal and get to shopping and crafting. We have some great sponsors who have donated $5 to TOYS FOR TOTS and have donated a file from their TPT or Teacher's Notebook store to email to all participants on Christmas morning! Who doesn't love a great stocking! It's my favorite part of the gift giving!
Ms. Preppy and I have been working hard for you all to thank you for participating! We have NINE weeks of giveaways starting next week. That's right...Christmas comes early! We will both be hosting a giveaway every other week. That means you need to check out both of our blogs to make sure you don't miss out. There will be different ways to earn entries but 1 thing is a must for all giveaways...you must be a Holly Bloggy Christmas participant or sponsor. So, if you have already emailed us at hollybloggychristmas@gmail.com  you are in! If not, read more about Holly Bloggy Christmas here and get started. You don't want to miss these giveaways. THEY ARE AWESOME!

The first giveaway will be here at Kindergarten Korner beginning on Monday. We are going to keep everyone in suspense as to what exactly is given away and what week we will be featuring each giveaway, but here is sneak peek as to what is to come in the next 9 weeks!

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What a giveaway!

There are some AWESOME giveaways out there right now! Caitlin at Mrs. Preppy has a great one going on for her 200 FABULOUS Followers!

Also, Little Mrs. Kindergarten
Little Miss Kindergarten
Education Journey
Ashleigh's Education Journey
Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes

Tales of Frogs & Cupcakes
 Mandy's Tips for Teachers
and The Creative Apple

have teamed up for a SUPER giveaway. They will EACH pick 1 winner to receive an item from EACH of their TPT stores. That is 5 winners who each receive 5 things! How AWESOME is that? Visit each blog to enter!

Freebie and exciting news

After seeing Caitlin's freebie the other day, I realized I have a very similar one that I have been using in my classroom and haven't shared. It is crazy how much we are alike. Years ago, I started printing games like CRAZY from http://www.kellyskindergarten.com/  If you haven't checked out her site, you should. It is AMAZING! The kids loved those games, so I created many of my own for each season. They are basically played the same way, just different themes. Here is my BOO! game for letter recognition.

Just click on the picture to get it! If you like it, I also have a more challenging one in my Teacher's Notebook store for CVC words! Check back in November for GOBBLE and in December for Ho! Ho! Ho! (Do you sense a small addiction?)
In other news, Caitlin and I are SO excited!!!!!! We have over 50 participants and TONS of giveaways set up starting soon. The giveaways are only for Holly Bloggy Christmas participants, so join in the fun by emailing us at hollybloggychristmas@gmail.com  We would still love to get more sponsors who are willing to donate $5 to TOYS FOR TOTS and submit a teacher resource that we can email to all participants on Christmas morning in their "virtual stocking".

Join the fun!

Caitlin and I are so excited! We have over 40 people signed up for our Holly Bloggy Christmas!

We have a few sponsors as well! Don't forget...if you are interested in being a sponsor and donating $5 to Toys for Tots, just click on the donate now button and shoot us an email that you will be sending us a file (game, center, worksheet, etc) and we will include it in the "virtual" stocking we are sending all participants on Christmas morning! You don't have to send us your file now....just before the beginning of December so we can get it all in one file and ready to send! You have a little over 2 more weeks to join us. We are working on some giveaways here or there for participants! Just grab our button and email us at hollybloggychristmas@gmail.com    Click on this post to see the details or on my Holly Bloggy Christmas page!

Holly Bloggy Christmas

What? Christmas? Yep..that's right! Caitlin from Ms. Preppy and I are thinking Christmas.

How excited am I????? We are teaming up for a fun holiday exchange! Years ago, I participated in a fun gift exchanged called Pink Christmas where bloggers all got a secret pal and exchanged Christmas gifts.  Caitlin suggested we do this for our teacher blog friends and I thought it was a FABULOUS idea! We’re calling it a Holly Bloggy Christmas. 

Here are the details:
-          Holly Bloggy Christmas is a Christmas gift exchange for members of the teacher blogging community.  Participants will receive a gift from another teacher blogger AND a virtual stocking full of teacher resources from our sponsors!  It is free to participate, but sponsorship options are available and all donations will go to support TOYS FOR TOTS.
-          Sign ups begin NOW and will last until October 31st.
-          In order to sign up, please send an email to hollybloggychristmas@gmail.com.  Copy and paste the questionnaire below into the body of the email and answer the questions.  We will send your answer to your secret pal, along with your address.  This information is TOP SECRET!
-         Caitlin and I will put participant’s names into a bowl and draw names to match you with your secret pal.  By November 10th, you will receive an email with the name of your secret pal and their answers to the questionnaire. 
-          Get to crafting and/or shopping!  Be as creative as possible! There is a $15 limit before postage. Before you place your gift in the mail, snap a picture and email it to us.  On Christmas we will post all of the pictures of the super fabulous gifts everyone received!
-          Send your wrapped gift in the mail (with delivery confirmation) by December 5th.  This way it has plenty of time to make it to your secret pal!
-          Open your gift on Christmas morning!  NO PEEKING!  We will have a linky party for everyone to link up to a post about their gift and their wonderful secret pal!
Want to sponsor Holly Bloggy Christmas?
-          Sponsorship is $5.  All money will go towards Toys for Tots.
-          Submit your donation via the paypal link below.
-          Sponsors have the opportunity to send us a product (unit, game, worksheet, etc.) that will be placed into a virtual stocking that all participants will receive on Christmas!  This is a great way to gain some exposure.  Please submit your product in PDF to hollybloggychristmas@gmail.com.
-          Sponsors will also have their blog button or TpT/Teacher’s Notebook store button placed on the Holly Bloggy Christmas page of my blog and Caitlin's blog.
-          For every $5 donation you make, you may submit one product.
-          Email us at hollybloggychristmas@gmail.com if you have questions.
Holly Bloggy Christmas Secret Pal Questionnaire
1.       Full name or "teacher name" (for monogramming!)
2.       Mailing address
3.       Email address
4.       Blog/Website/Store  - this will help your pal learn a little more about you (you don't have to have a blog to participate)
5.       Grade level
6.       Favorite treat
7.       Favorite colors
8.       Not-so favorite colors
9.       Give a little bit of information about yourself.  Married?  Kids?  Hobbies?
We are very excited and hope this will be a fun way to get to know each other better!  Please spread the word by posting about Holly Bloggy Christmas on your blog! Grab our buttons and add it to your sidebar!  The more participants we have, the more fun it will be!
Please email the questionnaire by October 31st if you wish to participate.  Feel free to contact me or Caitlin if you have questions.  Make sure you follow both of our blogs since we will take turns posting updates and you won’t want to miss out on any important information!

Want to be a sponsor and donate to TOYS FOR TOTS? Do that here:

We hope you will grab the button and join us for fun!!!!! :)

1 More DAy…

and I am BEACH BOUND!!! Whew! I am so ready! This will be our third year in a row to go to Florida on my fall break. Lilly is really excited this year! She’s been counting down for 2 weeks! I have SO much to do! Here are a few randoms to show you.

This is how I display my student’s work in the hall. It stays out all year and we just clip our current work on it each month.


Also, I saw this awesome capitalization poster on First Grade Fresh. Here is mine:


Have a GREAT Friday! Smile


I am so honored to have received another award. Thank you so much Ms. McKown at


for awarding me with this award:


I love your blog too! Here are my top 10 lately.

Doodle Bugs Teaching


Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Erica Bohrer’s First Grade

First Grade Parade

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Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog


Spotlight on Kindergarten

A Place Called Kindergarten

Here are the rules for this award:

1.  Give the "I heart Your Blog" award to your favorite Top 10 Blogs that have touched your heart and inspired your teaching by listing them on your blog.

2. Contact that person and let them know of their heartfelt award.

3. When you receive the award, copy and paste the graphic onto your blog and give a shout out to the person who nominated you.

4. Spread the LOVE by passing the "I Heart Your Blog" award on your top 10.