Happy New Year

Wow! That's about all I can say! I haven't blogged since May! Where does time go? In all honesty, I haven't read many blog posts in a long time. I'm on facebook and mainly instagram A TON, but I just don't ever seem to have time to blog (or read blogs). I'm usually not one to do new years resolutions, but I have a few this year that I'm going to try!
In my personal life I'm going to TRY to:

1. Keep a checkbook register. 
Yep....that's right. I don't. Like I have no concept of money. No budget. Love to shop. It's bad. I occasionally get online and check my account (that I pay our mortgage and some of our bills out of) and when I'm almost out (WAY before I get paid).....I just transfer money from our other account. It's not healthy and I have no idea how much I spend. So...there is that! I'm going to attempt it through an app instead of "writing it in an old fashioned register", so if you have suggestions I would love to hear them!
2. Become healthier
I'd like to lose some weight but more importantly begin exercising CONSISTENTLY. Y'all I HATE to work out. I hate to sweat but I need to! I'm not going to do anything crazy like stop drinking my gallons of Diet Mt. Dew daily, but I need to eat healthier and lose some weight.

3. Stop scrolling through Facebook 
and Instagram 24/7. 
I feel I can catch up on all the social media without constantly being on it. I need to be more present when I'm with my family. 

As far as my business, I'm going to TRY:

1. Blog More
Not everyday but maybe every week. It's about time management. I go to bed early....like 9. If I could commit to staying up later, I might get more done.

2. Complete more TPT products.
I have TONS started, just none finished. EEK! I get distracted and start updating all units that I'm embarrassed about because they are like 4 years old and I've learned so much since then!

So, I hope you will hang in there with me! I hope to gain my followers back! 
I wish everyone a wonderful 2017!